Nonprofit Capacity Building


As a nonprofit, KPAA understands the economic and social challenges facing community organizations today.  As funds are available, we bring nonprofits together in a variety of ways to build partnerships and increase the resilience and capacity of organizations so they can better serve the community.

2011-2012 Training Programs

Developing and Managing Nonprofit Volunteers РMarch 20, 2012. Practical tips and lessons learned to give and get the best from your volunteers were provided by guest speakers representing three Kauai nonprofit organizations who are successful in attracting and utilizing volunteers effectively:  Katie Cassel, Program Coordinator, Kokee Resource Conservation Program; Shannon Blizzard, Executive Director, Kauai Humane Society; and Jennifer Waipa, Supervisory Park Ranger, Kauai National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Social Media for Nonprofits – November 10, 2011. Chuck Lasker of Social Kauai presented “Creating Fans and Engaging Donors: A Social Media Approach for Nonprofits” providing practical information to build and expand your online presence, whether you‚Äôre a regular user of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, or you don‚Äôt yet understand the difference between Fans and Friends.

These workshops were supported by the Atherton Foundation, through the Hawaii Community Foundation.

2009-2010 Training Programs

In 2009-2010, KPAA received a grant from the Annie S. Knudsen Fund and Hawaii Community Foundation to offer workshops for nonprofit staff and board members.  Workshops offer a valuable opportunity for nonprofits to build skills and network with peers.  Workshops included the following.

Building Effective Nonprofit Boards РApril 22, 2010. Designed for board members and executive directors, the workshop covered legal responsibilities of board members and tips to improve how boards work together.  Speakers included Honolulu attorney Jeffrey S. Piper and a panel of seasoned board members, including Tad Miura, Jr., Nadine Nakamura and Laura Wiley.

Business Planning for Nonprofits-February 23, 2010. 
A chance to learn about planning tools and models that can help nonprofits communicate their vision and value to funders, investors, clients and the community. Facilitated by Marisa Castuera Hayase, President of Hayase Consulting, Inc.  Offered in partnership with HANO.

Starting the Year off Right: Successful Fundraising in Challenging Times – January 11, 2010.

Participants honed their fundraising skills to work ‚Äúsmarter, not harder‚ÄĚ in these economic times. Building stronger relationships with donors and creating a team to support your fundraising efforts was emphasized along with how to create an annual fundraising plan to guide your efforts. The workshop focused on building a broad base of individual donors, and was aimed at small to mid-sized community organizations that have limited resources for fundraising.¬† Facilitated by Stephanie Roth, Editor of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and partner with Kim Klein in Klein & Roth Consulting.

Strategic Nonprofit Collaborations РDecember 18, 2009.  Participants who were looking for ways to work with other nonprofits to save money, increase effectiveness and extend their reach learned from other nonprofits that have found innovative ways of working together, ranging from collaborations to partnerships to mergers.

Workshop Resource Materials:
When to Consider a Merger
Nonprofit Mergers and Acquisitions
LaPiana Consulting – The Partnership Matrix
Beyond Collaboration

Managing in Tough Times:  How Kauai Nonprofits are Coping РFebruary 17, 2009.  Twenty five nonprofits gathered to discuss how they were being impacted by the recession.  Once again, our nonprofit leaders proved their resilience as they offered support to one another and great ideas of how to weather the current economy. Download the notes from that meeting, including strategies and ideas for nonprofits.


Building Capacity in Kauai Nonprofits – March 4, 2008. Executive Directors and Board Members attended a one-day conference to help increase their organization’s effectiveness to better achieve their nonprofit‚Äôs mission. The conference was sponsored by the Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund, with support from Grove Farm Foundation and was presented in partnership with Kauai United Way, Kauai Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Kauai.

Speaker Presentations

David LaPiana – Fundraising and Leveraging Resources ; Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit
Jan Masaoka РExcerpts fr0m The Best of the Board Café РTen Quick Ways to Invigorate Board Meetings, Alligators in the Boardroom
Dr. Becky Rhoades – Nonprofit Staffing: Paid and Unpaid
Judy Lenthall – Crafting the Message: Developing Your Communications Strategy
Laura Wiley, CPA – Finance 101 and Beyond

Survey of Needs

To learn the impact of the current economic climate on Kauai’s nonprofits, a survey was distributed to 153 island nonprofits in February 2009.¬† Download the survey results.