Keiki to Career Kauai


Working Collaboratively Since 2011

Keiki to Career is an exciting multi-year initiative that networks education, human service and youth programs, families, and business to create a holistic, integrated system of supports from cradle to career so young people are “ready to learn and ready for life.”

It is designed to ensure readiness at each key transition point in their life – such as entry to kindergarten, middle school, high school, college or work.  We are using the Ready by 21 framework which encourages building leadership among sectors and aligning goals, services and metrics and are aligned around a shared vision and mission.

Our Vision is an island community where Kauai’s keiki through young adults are healthy, competent, confident and caring.

Our Mission is to unite the community in nurturing and developing Kauai’s young people from keiki to career so they are ready to learn and ready for life.

Since August 2011, over 40 groups have been working together on to create a system of innovative services that fosters the social, emotional, physical and academic development of children, youth and young adults.  We are developing an “`auwai” of networked, reinforcing academic and support services to prepare young people for the key transitions in their life. The collaboration includes schools (public, private and charter), public agencies, nonprofits, families and businesses.

The `Auwai Continuum and Initial Areas of Focus

The following graphic represents the continuum of a young person’s life and the support needed for them to develop and thrive.  It also shows the four areas of focus over the next three years.  Additional focus areas will be added in the future.

The Auwai

CoverPage-2015Action Planning Underway

In June 2012, a 7-month process began involving about 30 organizations and agencies to create a 3-year action plan.  Committees will be working to establish goals, define desired outcomes and indicators of success.  Then we will look for ways to evaluate and measure our progress.  We are committed to continuously improve services based on the outcomes of these metrics so resources are used effectively.  We prepared a Kauai Youth Report 2012 to serve as a baseline for planning.

Two years later, we published the 2014 Kauai Youth Report.

Kauai Planning & Action Alliance is serving as the “backbone” organization to support the work of the many organizations and agencies involved.  We will communicate our progress as it unfolds.  By involving many individuals and organizations across the island and working collaboratively toward our shared vision and mission, we will assist young people in being ready to learn and ready for life. Read the Feasibility Assessment Final Report.

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