How to Join (or Renew)


Complete Application and Pay Online by Credit Card

Complete Application and Send Check by Mail

Types of Membership

There are two types of annual membership to enable everyone to participate in KPAA’s mission and to invest in Kauai’s future.¬†¬†¬† For those wishing to provide a higher level of support for KPAA’s programs, we invite you to become a Patron Member.

1)  General Member

This category of annual membership is for nonprofits, community groups and government agencies.  General Members receive one vote per group to elect members of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting and select KPAA goals.  The yearly membership fee is based on the annual operating budget of the organization.

Annual Membership Dues
$25           $0 Р$49,999 annual budget
$50           $50,000 Р$249,999 annual budget
$75           $250,000 + annual budget

2)  Supporting Member

This non-voting annual membership is available for individuals and businesses that support KPAA’s mission and goals.

Annual Membership Dues
$50           Individual
$75           Business

**  Patron Member

Organizations, individuals and businesses that wish to provide KPAA a higher level of support for KPAA’s programs are invited to join as a Patron Member.¬† Eligible organizations will be voting members, others will be non-voting.

Annual Membership Dues
Kukui        $100 Р$499
Kamani     $500 Р$999
Kou          $1,000 Р$2,499
Milo          $2,500 Р$4,999
Koa          $5,000 +