About KPAA


As Kauai grows, so too do the challenges to our rural lifestyle and quality of life. It is the mission of Kauai Planning & Action Alliance (KPAA) to provide a forum for community groups, government and businesses to work together to find long-term solutions to issues that emerge as we grow and develop.  Solutions need to be consider the needs of future generations, not just current and near-term needs.

We believe that work on these island-wide issues requires collaboration and focused action by a broad cross-section of our population. We facilitate the work of action teams and advisory groups, using a carefully designed-framework that sets goals, advances knowledge, creates plans and implements actions. Emphasis is placed on establishing indicators of success that can be tracked and reported to the community.

Kauai Planning & Action Alliance is an ‚Äúorganization of organizations‚ÄĚ, whose members are nonprofit and community groups, business associations, and county, state and federal agencies. Our members determine the island issues requiring action.

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