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  • 2017 KPAA Annual Meeting will be on Wed. June 21 at KCC Cafeteria lounge from 4:00-6:00pm. Guest Speaker Kamuela Enos of MA ĽO Farms is sharing his mana Ľo on how restoring the relationship between land and people has opened up cultural, economical, and educational opportunities for the youth of Wai Ľanae. To RSVP click here Keiki to Career Kauai has recently released the 2016 Kauai Youth Report, a snapshot of Kaua`i young people from birth to workforce entry. The Youth Report provides 27 key indicators that measure youth progress, using available data that is relevant and enables a comparison with state and national data. Check out the 2016 report here. KPAA‚Äôs 13th Annual Meeting on June 21 featured guest speaker Anna-Lisa Okoye, Chief Operating Officer of the Kohala Center on Hawaii Island. Click here for highlights from ‚ÄúBuilding Food Self-Reliance: Perspectives from the Kohala Center."

Groups envisioning Lihue’s future

Kauai Planning & Action Alliance, Inc. (KPAA) provides a forum for the community on issues that matter most to Kauai. We serve as a neutral convener and facilitator, bringing together and guiding action teams and committees to develop and implement solutions to Kauai’s priority issues.

Emphasizing Collaboration. KPAA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization, offering community groups, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses opportunities to work collaboratively. Our work is guided by the input of our members and the community vision in the Kauai General Plan 2000.

Current Goals. Volunteers from diverse sectors work together on selected goals to tackle priority issues. Currently, KPAA goals focus on planning for Kauai’s sustainability, supporting and transforming education through youth development, state park improvements, and using community indicators to help guide decision making.¬† We are also assisting the County of Kauai by exploring new economic development opportunities.¬† On occasion, KPAA offers workshops and activities for Kauai nonprofits designed to increase skills and build capacity.

Design Thinking
Applying Design Thinking principles to generate human-centered, out-of-the-box solutions for community issues. A half-day workshop at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School in June introduced Design Thinking — a powerful collaborative problem solving tool for business, government, education and nonprofit leaders.

Charting the Future – KPAA members met December 2, 2013 to vote on organizational priorities for the next three years. Water and agriculture were added to KPAA’s current priorities. Click here for KPAA’s 2014-2016 Priorities.

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